Our outreach
The Chitra Lane Children’s Resource Centre was established in 1989 with the aim of reaching out to children and young adults with special needs from across Sri Lanka.   The Children’s Resource Centre is now recognized as a center of excellence to which doctors, schools, and other organizations from across Sri Lanka refer children to on a regular basis for evaluations and follow-up intervention. This pioneering programme now has an annual caseload of over 2,000 children that comes to us from in and around Colombo as well as distant districts in the Southern province, the central hills and the North and East of Sri Lanka.  Any child, regardless of his or her ethnic, religious or socio-economic background is welcome at our Centre.

Children with Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and several other disabilities and developmental delays, participate in our programmes.  A majority of the children have multiple disabilities which include speech impairments, mobility and learning difficulties.  We also see many children who are attending regular mainstream schools in Colombo and other districts who are having difficulties coping with their school work.  In these cases we work closely with the child’s school as well as the parents in carrying out individualised remedial programmes.


Our goals

• Early detection and intervention of developmental delays and disabilities in children.
• Providing young adults with special needs the necessary life skills and vocational training inorder for them to lead productive and independent lives.
• Empowering parents with the necessary skills and knowledge to care for their special child at home.
• Creating better facilities and services in Sri Lanka for children with special needs by collaborating with government universities, non-governmental organisations,  schools, and other professionals in similar fields in conducting staff training and awareness programmes.

Programmes & facilities
Every child that walks in through our doors is seen by one of our experienced consultants and provided with screening and an intervention programme that is carried out by a team of professionals including educational and medical specialists, psychologist, speech therapist, Audiologist, physiotherapist, and several special education and remedial teachers. The Chitra Lane Children’s Resource Centre consists of the following seven units through which it’s comprehensive diagnostic and intervention programmes are carried out:

• Hearing, Speech & Language Development Unit
• Psychology Unit
• Education Unit
• Early Childhood Unit
• Physiotherapy & hydrotherapy Unit
• Medical Unit
• Public Awareness & Training Unit

Depending on the child's difficulties, he or she will usually participate in a combination of activities at the Centre including special education, speech therapy and physiotherapy.  The Chitra Lane Children's Resource Centre is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Children are seen by prior appointment only.   For appointments, please contact +94112503906.

Our Services
Educational Skills Analysis & diagnostic testing:
•Diagnostic assessments using internationally recognized standardized assessment tests are conducted by the Psychologist for purposes of identifying a child's difficulties and planning individualized remedial educational programmes.
•Informal educational evaluations are conducted in Sinhala, Tamil or English depending on the child's mother tongue.

Early Childhood development:
•Infant stimulation and play therapy for infants and toddlers
•Pre-school programme for children where the child's sensory, cognitive, language and creative arts skills are developed.
•Parent training on infant stimulation, child development, and continuing with the intervention programmes at home.

Special education:
•Individualised sessions for children with poor attention and behavior problems as well as learning difficulties.  Parents are encouraged to participate so that they are able to cope with the child's behavior at home and carry out the intervention programme
•Individualised special education sessions on developing sensory, cognitive, language and number skills.  Programme is based on specific interventions recommended by the in-house educational consultants and Psychologist.


Remedial education for children with learning disabilities who are attending mainstream schools:    
•Individualised remedial programmes are conducted for children with learning disabilities including Dyslexia, poor attention and behavior problems.  Intervention programme is based on an educational evaluation done by the Psychologist and educational consultants.
•The Chitra Lane Children's Centre works closely with the child's regular school as well as the parents in creating a better learning environment within the mainstream school and assisting the child to cope with his/her learning disabilities.

Creative arts:
•Group art therapy, music and movement sessions for children.

Life Skills & Vocational Training for young adults:
•Occupational therapy and developing life skills.
•Vocational skills training in sewing, cookery, housekeeping, making recycled paper products and screen printing.
•Identifying specific income-generating projects that can be carried out within the individual's home and providing guidance and support to the family by way of training, marketing the products and sourcing orders, maintaining accounts, etc.

Hearing, Speech & Language Development:
•Audiological evaluations (Pure tone audiometry, speech audiometry, brain-stem audiometry, impedance audiometry; sound-field audiometry); hearing aid fitting and analysis.
•Speech & language evaluations (speech & language delays, disorders, voice disorders, disfluency) and speech therapy.
•Ear Mould Laboratory which produces soft/hard moulds, and swimming plugs.
•Distribution center for IMPACT Affordable Hearing Aids
•Parent training on carrying out speech therapy exercise at home

Medical Services:
•A team of doctors conducts regular Paediatric, Psychiatric, ENT and Dental Clinics at the Resource Centre's fully equipped Medical Unit.
•Conducting awareness programmes for parents and other caregivers.
•Periodical screening and medical assessments for children and young adults.


Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy:
•Physical evaluations and follow-up physiotherapy with extensive intervention programmes for parents to carry out at home.
•The Resource Centre conducts daily hydrotherapy sessions in the in-house swimming pool for individual children or for groups of 3-4 children along with their parents.

Programmes for parents
•Parent counseling and creating awareness within the family regarding the child's difficulties and management at home.
•Parent training and enhancing their knowledge on the intervention programme so that the activities can be continued within the home.

Public Awareness & Staff training programmes:
•Regular training programmes and practical workshops are conducted for teachers and caregivers from other organisations, as well as government and private schools on child development, early detection of learning difficulties, special education and other relevant subjects.
•Parent awareness programmes are conducted on different issues related to children with special needs with plenty of opportunities for parents to ask questions, share their experiences, and gain knowledge on coping with their child within the home.
•The CRC collaborates with the University of Colombo in creating awareness programmes for their medical students.  Upon graduation, these doctors work at government base hospitals island wide and are in regular touch with us.  Through these doctors, we are able to reach out to many children with special needs residing in distant districts.
•Public awareness material such as newsletters, pamphlets, and booklets on early detection of disabilities and early intervention is published regularly by the Chitra Lane Children's Resource Centre in Sinhala, Tamil and English.  This information is distributed amongst parents, teachers, schools, doctors, and hospitals within Colombo as well as across Sri Lanka.


Our Team
Behavioural therapist and special education consultant - Delysia Gunewardene.
Consultant Paediatrician – Dr. H.T. Wickramasinghe, MBBS, MD, DCH (Sri Lanka), MRCPCH (UK).
Consultant Paeditirician – Dr. A. Amarashinghe, MBBS, MD, DCH (Sri Lanka), MRCPCH (UK).
ENT Surgeon – Dr. W.M.A.E.  Weerasekera, MBBS (Sri Lanka, LODLO (UK).
General Practitioner – Dr. D. Kumara, MBBS (Sri Lanka).
Educational consultant – Kishani Gunewardene, B.A. (USA), Education & Human Development.
Consultant Psychologist – Nishalie Fernandopulle, Clinical Psychologist, Msc (UK),BA (Hons), LTCL, ATCL.
Speech therapist – Indira Athurupana, Bsc. Speech & Language Therapy.
Physiotherapist – Sumith Edirisinghe, Paediatric Physiotherapist.


Contact Us
Address: Chitra Lane Children’s Resource Centre
45/3, Chitra Lane,
Colombo 5,
Sri Lanka.

Email:[email protected]

Telephone: +94112503906

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m. We are closed on all public holidays.
Consultations are by prior appointment only.

For appointments, contact +94112503906